PC Cleaner

PC Cleaner

Removes junk data, temporary files and DLLs
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Maintaining and optimizing an operating system requires freeing up drive space and increasing the speed of all processes. It includes full system scan capabilities, registry cleaning options, startup process manager, browser and download cleaner, etc.

PC Cleaner is a program that improves your computer’s performance by removing junk or duplicate files. It can also protect your privacy by deleting web cookies, Internet history or document history.
The application is very easy to use because of its organized interface. The main window displays three available features. The first feature, 'System Cleaner and Optimizer', keeps your computer clean and error-free by removing junk and obsolete files. You can select the driver or the folders that you want to scan or you can set the program to skip read only files, as well as to find zero length files and invalid shortcuts. This tool allows you to directly delete them, move them to Recycle Bin or send them to a specific folder.

The second function, 'Find Duplicate Files', frees up disk space by deleting the duplicate files stored on your computer. This function gives you the possibility to set the search criteria. The tool can be set to use binary file compare or ignore the essential system file types such as DLL, EXE and SYS. Once the scan is over, you can view the duplicate files and delete the ones you select.

The third main feature, 'Privacy Protector and Evidence Eraser', helps you protect your privacy. It comes with a privacy protector wizard that assists you in cleaning your history. It deletes the Windows, the Internet, the Start Menu and the files and folders traces.

This application may come in handy when your computer’s performance is getting low, when you have lots of duplicate files on your computer and you want to easily delete them, or when you are willing to clean up file history. However, I think that this tool misses a registry cleaning option.

To sum up, I think that this is an easy-to-use program that works as it should, and while testing it, I didn't encounter any problems.

Amelia Wagner
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  • Organized interface
  • Increases the computer's performance
  • Finds duplicate files
  • Protects your privacy


  • No registry cleaning option
  • No maximize function
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